Exopolis is a tiny village perched high on a hill overlooking Giorgioupolis and the bay. As a result there are fantastic views to sea from some parts of the village. As you drive from Vamos to Giorgioupolis the main road skirts the edge of the village itself and to see it you’re going to have to take one of the right turns in to the village – otherwise you won’t know it’s there!

Exopolis is a very traditional village in the Municipality of Giorgioupolis with just one taverna (not always open) and about 150 permanent residents. As you sweep around the bend at Exopolis, on your left is a fantastic view of Giorgioupolis Bay below.

As well as being in a traditional Greek village, the attractions of Exopolis are the views, the peace and its closeness to both Giorgioupolis (less than 3 kilometres from the sandy beaches and many amenities) and Vamos (a bank, a number of tavernas/cafes and also other shops) – just a few minutes by car from two quite different villages.

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