Customer Service

Customer Service







Dreamcatchers is committed to working with both buyers and sellers in a smooth and efficient way so that both parties are completely satisfied before, during and after the sales process.

1. Customers

All our customers (buyers and sellers) will be dealt with in a courteous and professional manner.

2. Marketing Your Property for Sale

We will visit your property to give you a valuation of your property. We will then agree a selling price with you. We will take photographs and prepare all marketing material. Initially this will be a brochure – pictures and words – that we will submit/agree with you.

The property details will be posted on our web site and the many other portals that we use and are necessary to sell a property. We will also use ‘mail shots’ and other techniques that are necessary to market/sell a property at the current time.

3. Website Enquiries / Emails

We will usually respond to all website questions/requests within 24 hours during normal business hours. Emails are also dealt with in the same time period.

4. Viewings prior to buying

We will listen to our customer’s requirements and compile a viewing list that meets those requirements. We will send them details of the properties that we suggest. We will then arrange viewing appointments and take our potential buyers to the various properties that we have agreed to view and answer any/all questions relating to the property and the area.

We will ensure the seller has as much notice as possible prior to viewings. Where properties are not permanently occupied we can act as key holder and/or deal with the property managers directly. We will always attempt to give any feedback received to the owners – relating to both potential buyers opinions, and any ‘issues’ at the property etc.

5. The Selling /Purchase process

When a potential sale arises and wherever necessary, we will act as negotiator between buyer and seller. As well as a selling price this may well include a completion date, issues relating to the house contents, currency exchange, payment options – and often much more.

Obviously we will strive to get the best / most appropriate ‘deal’ that meets the needs of both buyer and seller.

We will agree a completion date that meets the requirements of both buyer and seller.

We will listen effectively to all our customers’ requests/enquiries and promptly take the necessary actions to assist them at this time and of course thereafter.

We will assist buyers and sellers  - from start to finish - in the necessary processes that arise during the selling/buying process. We can of course recommend competent qualified professionals that are needed for both parties to complete the sale.

We will keep our customers informed of progress and of unexpected delays in the sales process. We will facilitate the process by maintaining contact with the professionals (Lawyers / Engineers etc.)  involved in this process.

We will assist both parties by answering all emails and enquiries that arise during the completion of the sale. We will also strive to resolve any/all issues that arise during this period.

We will maintain contact with our customers to regularly update them as to where we are in the process.

6 Completion

Prior to completion we will assist the seller with their requirements relating to possessions / belongings,  their possible ‘return’ to country of origin and everything relating to the handover of the house to the new owners.

We will assist the buyer in ensuring that the house is handed over in good condition, utilities are transferred and everything else associated with the successful transfer of ownership,

7 After Sales

We are here for our customers. We will assist with anything /everything associated with the ‘take over’ of a new property. We are here for all our new owners both at completion time and whenever needs arise later – for as long a period as our clients require/wish.

We are also happy to recommend professionals for whatever works may be needed in the coming months and years (anything from individual tradesmen through to a new pool). We recommend these people – and feel responsible for them – not because we take ‘commission’ but to ensure we have satisfied and happy customers.